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DePaul University is a well-respected and academically challenging university with a focus on inclusivity, personalism, and professionalism. Students live and study in Chicago, the third largest city in the USA and learn from experienced instructors who support students throughout their studies. There are internships and real-world training opportunities available in Chicago and more than 450 organizations actively recruit DePaul students on campus each year.

DePaul University is ranked #124 in the USA (US News and World Report, 2021) with programs holding top national rankings in several fields.



Available for international students


Class 2019
DePaul offers amazing programs across the board. There are an abundance of scholarships, and internship programs through each school. Lots of on campus jobs- just ask the Career Center. You're never board. Student organizations are all over and cover a wide variety of activities. Would recommend the fair trade club and the urban farming org (UFO). It's also the first Fair Trade university in Chicago! The city is never asleep, amazing food,clubs,bars, parks. Also you get a Ventra card with tuition! I loved DePaul. Incredible professors that are strong leaders in their fields.
Class 2020
Everyone there from faculty to students are very helpful and friendly which is refreshing. Very good Business school with a lot of opportunities throughout Chicago. Chicago is a great city as a back drop as well. What a place to learn and grow as a person.


For Masters:
Art, Design & Media
  • M.A.Acting
  • M.A.Animation
  • M.A.Communication and Media
  • M.A.Digital Communication and Media Arts
  • M.A.Directing
  • M.A.Documentary
  • M.A.Experience Design
  • M.A.Film and Television Directing
  • M.A.Journalism
  • M.A.Public Relations and Advertising
  • M.A.Screenwriting
  • M.A.Sustainable Urban Development
  • M.Sc.Cinematography
  • Master Composition
  • Master Film and Television Directing
  • Master Jazz Studies
  • MFAAnimation
  • MFAArts Leadership
  • MFACreative Producing
  • MMMusic Education
  • MMMusic Performance
Business & Management
  • Execution and Valuation
  • JD/MSPublic Service Management Law
  • LL.M.Taxation
  • M.A.Digital Communication and Media Arts
  • M.A.Educational Leadership
  • M.A.Mathematics Education
  • M.B.A.Accountancy
  • M.B.A.Applied Economics
  • M.B.A.Business Strategy and Decision Making
  • M.B.A.Entrepreneurship
  • M.B.A.Finance
  • M.B.A.Hospitality Leadership
  • M.B.A.Human Resources
  • M.B.A.International Business
  • M.B.A.Law
  • M.B.A.Management
  • M.B.A.Management Information Systems
  • M.B.A.Marketing
  • M.B.A.Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • M.B.A.Master of Business Administration (Custom)
  • M.B.A.Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • M.B.A.Strategy
  • M.Ed.Educational Leadership
  • M.Sc.Accountancy
  • M.Sc.Applied Mathematics
  • M.Sc.Applied Technology
  • M.Sc.Business Analytics
  • M.Sc.Entrepreneurship
  • M.Sc.Finance
  • M.Sc.Hospitality Leadership and Operational Performance
  • M.Sc.Human Resources
  • M.Sc.Management
  • M.Sc.Marketing
  • M.Sc.Marketing Analysis
  • M.Sc.Mathematics for Teaching
  • M.Sc.Public Service Management
  • M.Sc.Pure Mathematics
  • M.Sc.Supply Chain Management
  • M.Sc.Taxation
  • Master Public Administration
  • MNMNonprofit Management
  • MSAAAudit and Advisory Services
Computer Science & IT
  • JD/MSComputer Science Technology
  • M.B.A.Management Information Systems
  • M.Sc.Business Information Technology
  • M.Sc.Computer Science
  • M.Sc.Cybersecurity
  • M.Sc.Data Science
  • M.Sc.Game Programming
  • M.Sc.Health Informatics
  • M.Sc.Human-Computer Interaction
  • M.Sc.Information Systems
  • M.Sc.Network Engineering and Security
  • M.Sc.Product Innovation and Computing
  • M.Sc.Software Engineering
  • MFAGame Design
Engineering & Technology
  • M.Sc.Software Engineering
Environment & Agriculture
  • M.A.Sustainable Urban Development
  • M.Sc.Environmental Science
  • M.Sc.Sustainable Management
Law, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • EdSCurriculum Studies
  • JD/MAInternational Studies Law
  • JD/MSPublic Service Management Law
  • LL.M.Health Law
  • LL.M.Intellectual Property Law
  • LL.M.International Law
  • LL.M.Law
  • M.A.Applied Diplomacy
  • M.A.Applied Professional Studies
  • M.A.Arabic
  • M.A.Bilingual-Bicultural Education
  • M.A.Chinese
  • M.A.Community Psychology
  • M.A.Counseling (Concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration)
  • M.A.Counseling (Concentration in College Student Development)
  • M.A.Counseling (Concentration in School Counseling)
  • M.A.Critical Ethnic Studies
  • M.A.Curriculum Studies
  • M.A.Early Childhood Education
  • M.A.Educating Adults
  • M.A.Educational Leadership
  • M.A.Elementary Education
  • M.A.English
  • M.A.French
  • M.A.German
  • M.A.Health Communication
  • M.A.History
  • M.A.Interdisciplinary Studies
  • M.A.International Studies
  • M.A.Italian
  • M.A.Japanese
  • M.A.Liberal Studies
  • M.A.Mathematics Education
  • M.A.Philosophy
  • M.A.Secondary Education
  • M.A.Social and Cultural Foundations in Education
  • M.A.Sociology
  • M.A.Spanish
  • M.A.Women's and Gender Studies
  • M.A.World Languages Education
  • M.A.Writing
  • M.A.Writing and Publishing
  • M.B.A.Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • M.Ed.Bilingual-Bicultural Education
  • M.Ed.Curriculum Studies
  • M.Ed.Early Childhood Education
  • M.Ed.Educational Leadership
  • M.Ed.Elementary Education
  • M.Ed.Secondary Education
  • M.Ed.Social and Cultural Foundations in Education
  • M.Ed.Special Education
  • M.Ed.Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship
  • M.Ed.World Languages Education
  • M.Sc.Community Psychology
  • M.Sc.Economics and Policy Analysis
  • M.Sc.Interdisciplinary Studies
  • M.Sc.International Public Service
  • M.Sc.Psychology
  • M.Sc.Public Service Management
  • M.Sc.Real Estate
  • M.Sc.Refugee and Forced Migration Studies
  • M.Sc.Science Education
  • MA/MEdReading Specialist
  • MA/PhdClinical Psychology
  • Master Industrial - Organizational Psychology
  • Master Psychology - Psychological Science
  • Master Social Work
  • MFACreative Writing and Publishing
  • MJJurisprudence
  • MMMusic Education
  • MPPPublic Policy
  • MSWSocial Work-Women's and Gender Studies
  • Rhetoric and Discourse
Pharmacy, Health and Life Sciences
  • LL.M.Health Law
  • M.A.Health Communication
  • M.Sc.Nursing
  • M.Sc.RN to MS in Nursing
  • MA/MBAHealth Communication
  • MA/PhdClinical Psychology
  • Master Public Health
Natural Science & Mathematics
  • M.A.Biological Sciences
  • M.A.Mathematics Education
  • M.Sc.Applied Mathematics
  • M.Sc.Applied Statistics
  • M.Sc.Biological Sciences
  • M.Sc.Chemistry
  • M.Sc.Mathematics for Teaching
  • M.Sc.Physics
  • M.Sc.Polymer and Coatings Science
  • M.Sc.Pure Mathematics
  • M.B.A.Accountancy
  • M.B.A.Applied Economics
  • M.B.A.Finance
  • M.Sc.Accountancy
  • M.Sc.Applied Mathematics
  • M.Sc.Finance

Tuition & Cost

The costs listed below are an estimate based on what most students pay. The final price for tuition, housing and other expenses will vary based on program, English level, housing selection and other factors. For more exact pricing, please contact our advisors.
For Masters:
$ 59,326 Average cost per year
$ 43,000Tuition
$ 10,326Housing
$ 6,000Other

Required Documents

Below are the minimum documents required for our admissions team to conduct a review of your application to this institution. Additional documents may be required for specific programs or for the institution to issue you an unconditional letter of admission. Please contact an advisor for more information.

Passport Copy

English Test Result

Personal Statement

University Transcripts


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