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Edinburgh Napier University is located in the popular city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The university itself has some interesting and highly ranked courses – it is number 1 worldwide for timber engineering, sustainable construction, and wood science (and top 10 in the Uk for building and civil engineering), and Screen Academy Scotland, which is very well renowned, is part of the university - Napier is in the top 10 of universities in the UK for Drama. It is also ranked as the top modern university in Scotland.



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Available for intentational students

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Available for international students


MSc Wildlife Biology & Conservation
Interesting modules with amazing lecturers who genuinely care about the students
Edinburgh Napier University provides me a convenient opportunity which allows for flexibility and the opportunity to balance work, personal and social life. The Professors and Tutors mostly have PhD degrees and are very interactive. I find that Edinburgh Napier University truly provides me with a strong chance of excelling and prospering acedemic ally. Support groups and interactive sessions are very helpful and communication between the university and I are simplified and effective. I am excited to be able to graduate in future from them.


For Bachelors:
Computer Science & IT
  • B.Eng.Cybersecurity (Graduate Apprenticeship) (Hons)
  • B.Eng.Cybersecurity and Forensics (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Business Information Technology (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Computing Science (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Data Science (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Digital Media and Interaction Design Global
  • B.Sc.Software Development (Graduate Apprenticeship) (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Web Design and Development (Hons)
  • Computer Systems and Networks (Hons)
  • Computing (Hons)
  • Games Development (Hons)
  • MEngSoftware Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying (advanced entry) (Hons)
  • Software Engineering
Hospitality and Tourism
  • B.A.Business and Enterprise In Sport (Hons)
  • B.A.International Festival and Event Management (Hons)
  • B.A.International Hospitality Management and Tourism
  • B.A.International Tourism and Airline Management (Hons)
  • B.A.International Tourism Management (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Physical Activity and Health (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Sport and Exercise Science (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Sports Coaching (Hons)
  • International Hospitality Management (Hons)
Law, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • B.A.Accounting (Hons)
  • B.A.Accounting With Corporate Finance (Hons)
  • B.A.Accounting with Law (Hons)
  • B.A.Acting and English (Hons)
  • B.A.Criminology (Hons)
  • B.A.English (Hons)
  • B.A.English and Film (Hons)
  • B.A.Film (Hons)
  • B.A.Financial Services (Hons)
  • B.A.Psychology With Sociology (Hons)
  • B.A.Social Science (Hons)
  • B.Eng.Cybersecurity and Forensics (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Policing and Criminology (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Real Estate Surveying (Hons)
  • BN Nursing (Learning Disabilities) BA/BScPsychology (Hons)
  • L.L.B.Law (Graduate Entry)
  • L.L.B.Law (Hons)
Pharmacy, Health and Life Sciences
  • B.Sc.Biomedical Science (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Nursing Studies
  • B.Sc.Nursing Studies (Top-Up)
  • B.Sc.Physical Activity and Health (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Sport and Exercise Science (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Sports Coaching (Hons)
  • BM Midwifery
  • BN Bachelor Of Nursing (Adult)
  • BN Nursing (Child Health)
  • BN Nursing (Learning Disabilities)
  • BN Nursing (Mental Health)
Natural Science & Mathematics
  • B.Sc.Animal and Conservation Biology (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Applied Microbiology (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Biological Sciences (Advanced Entry)
  • B.Sc.Biological Sciences (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Biomedical Science (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Marine and Freshwater Biology (Hons)
  • B.Sc.Architectural Technology (Hons)
  • B.A.Accounting (Hons)
  • B.A.Accounting and Finance (Hons)
  • B.A.Accounting With Corporate Finance (Hons)
  • B.A.Accounting with Law (Hons)
  • B.A.Financial Services (Hons)

Tuition & Cost

The costs listed below are an estimate based on what most students pay. The final price for tuition, housing and other expenses will vary based on program, English level, housing selection and other factors. For more exact pricing, please contact our advisors.
For Bachelors:
£ 26,339 Average cost per year
£ 15,196Tuition
£ 6,078Housing
£ 5,065Other

Available for intentational students

Required Documents

Below are the minimum documents required for our admissions team to conduct a review of your application to this institution. Additional documents may be required for specific programs or for the institution to issue you an unconditional letter of admission. Please contact an advisor for more information.

Passport Copy

Passport Photo

English Test Result

Personal Statement

Recommendation Letter

School Transcript

Submission Deadlines

For Bachelors:
May 2022
Application Deadline:April 01, 2022
Program Start:May 30, 2022
September 2022
Application Deadline:July 15, 2022
Program Start:September 05, 2022