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Located in one of the world’s top academic cities (QS Best Student Cities 2018), Pace University is an exciting setting for students to begin their US university degree. Students benefit from small classes and specialized preparation to help them succeed on an American campus. Pace's New York campus is located just minutes from Wall Street, the World Trade Center, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

For international student's seeking a top tier university in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Pace University is a great option. Both pathway and direct admission options are available for international students.



Available for international students

Post-study work visa

Available for international students


Available for international students

Co-op and internship

Available for international students


Emiko Takagi, Japan
Emiko Takagi, Japan
I feel to study in ELI is great experience. Professors and classmates are serious to study so I can focus on studying English in academic environment. To be with students of Pace University in the same campus is also nice. To join the ELI is one of the unforgettable experience in New York City life.
Yan Chen, China
Yan Chen, China
I like ELI because everyone here is very friendly and help me a lot with my class and my academic plan. I set my plan for English study and academic goals by ELI officers' help once I started my study here. Also, Daniel always organizes fun activities for us to know the city. Besides, I saved a lot of money from getting the movie tickets from ELI office. That is very thoughtful for us. NY is the best place to get accustomed to America fast. For me, I love my 092E (Social English in U.S. Academic Culture) class most. My English speaking has improved a lot in (this) class, I think. I never feel bored in this class because our professor is knowledgeable and very, very humorous. I think her class is the best place to know America, NYC, and New Yorkers. Without her help, I will never know to be an English humorist and how important of learning the culture when you study a new language.


For Bachelors:
Art, Design & Media
  • AAGeneral Arts And Sciences
  • and Commercials
  • B.A.Art
  • B.A.Art History
  • B.A.Directing
  • B.A.Film and Screen Studies
  • B.A.Stage Management
  • B.Sc.Digital Cinema and Filmmaking
  • B.Sc.Digital Journalism
  • B.Sc.Public Relations
  • BFA Acting
  • BFA Acting for Film
  • BFA Art
  • BFA Commercial Dance
  • BFA Musical Theater
  • BFA Production and Design for Stage and Screen
  • Television
  • Voice-overs
Business & Management
  • B.A.Communications
  • B.A.English and Communications
  • B.A.Mathematics
  • B.A.Stage Management
  • B.B.A.Accounting
  • B.B.A.Business Analytics
  • B.B.A.Finance
  • B.B.A.General Business
  • B.B.A.Information Systems
  • B.B.A.International Management
  • B.B.A.Management - Arts and Entertainment
  • B.B.A.Management - Business Management
  • B.B.A.Management - Entrepreneurship
  • B.B.A.Management - Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • B.B.A.Management - Human Resources
  • B.B.A.Marketing - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
  • B.B.A.Marketing - Global Marketing Management
  • B.B.A.Marketing - Sports Marketing
  • B.B.A.Public Accounting - CPA Preparation
  • B.Sc.Business Economics
  • B.Sc.Mathematics
  • B.Sc.Professional Communication Studies
Computer Science & IT
  • B.A.Computer Science
  • B.B.A.Information Systems
  • B.Sc.Computer Science
  • B.Sc.Information Systems
  • B.Sc.Information Technology
Environment & Agriculture
  • B.A.Environmental Studies
  • B.Sc.Environmental Science
Hospitality and Tourism
  • B.A.Stage Management
  • B.B.A.Management - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Law, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • and World Trade
  • B.A.American Studies
  • B.A.Applied Psychology and Human Relations
  • B.A.Biological Psychology
  • B.A.Communication Studies
  • B.A.Communications
  • B.A.Economics
  • B.A.English
  • B.A.English and Communications
  • B.A.English Language and Literature
  • B.A.Global Asia Studies
  • B.A.Global Studies
  • B.A.History
  • B.A.Language
  • B.A.Latin American Studies
  • B.A.Liberal Studies
  • B.A.Modern Languages and Cultures
  • B.A.Peace and Justice Studies AAGeneral Arts And Sciences
  • B.A.Personality and Social Psychology
  • B.A.Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • B.A.Political Science
  • B.A.Psychology
  • B.A.Sociology/Anthropology
  • B.A.Spanish
  • B.A.Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • B.A.Women’s and Gender Studies
  • B.B.A.Marketing - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
  • B.Sc.Adolescent Education
  • B.Sc.Business Economics
  • B.Sc.Childhood Education
  • B.Sc.Criminal Justice
  • B.Sc.Early Childhood and Childhood Education
  • B.Sc.Early Childhood Education
  • B.Sc.Forensic Science
  • B.Sc.Professional Communication Studies
  • B.Sc.Professional Studies
  • Culture
Pharmacy, Health and Life Sciences
  • ABSNNursing (Accelerated)
  • B.Sc.Health Science
  • B.Sc.Nursing
Natural Science & Mathematics
  • B.A.Biological Psychology
  • B.A.Biology
  • B.A.Mathematics
  • B.Sc.Biochemistry
  • B.Sc.Biology
  • B.Sc.Chemistry
  • B.Sc.Mathematics

Tuition & Cost

The costs listed below are an estimate based on what most students pay. The final price for tuition, housing and other expenses will vary based on program, English level, housing selection and other factors. For more exact pricing, please contact our advisors.
For Bachelors:
$ 72,000 Average cost per year
$ 46,000Tuition
$ 20,000Housing
$ 6,000Other

Available for international students

Required Documents

Below are the minimum documents required for our admissions team to conduct a review of your application to this institution. Additional documents may be required for specific programs or for the institution to issue you an unconditional letter of admission. Please contact an advisor for more information.

Passport Copy

English Test Result

Personal Statement

Recommendation Letter

School Transcript

Submission Deadlines

For Bachelors:
Fall 2022
Application Deadline:July 15, 2022
Program Start:August 22, 2022
Spring 2023
Application Deadline:December 01, 2022
Program Start:January 24, 2023